Gm Capital

Gm Capital is looking to invest in technical founders, particularly with Solidity dev skills, that are working on NFT x DeFi x Gaming technology.

We’re a strategic Web3 partner with an emphasis on zero to one ecosystem building.

Some recent investments include:

Pixel Vault

Founded in 2021, Pixel Vault is an intellectual Property development group focused on elevating crypto-native assets across a variety of mediums.​

Wolf Game

Sheep and Wolves compete on-chain for a tempting prize of WOOL, with deadly high stakes.


Fractional ownership of the world’s most sought after NFTs. Fractional reduces entry costs, increases access, and enables new communities.


Extend your NFT metadata by attaching Lore & Derivatives and start co-creating with your community.


Blazing fast NFT marketplace. Execute trades faster on Blur.

Pod Tech

Forging the Future of Web3 Commerce. Technology and fulfillment partner for Web3.